Harwin & Co. Teddy Bears

Harwin &; Co, was established in 1914 in North London by G.W. Harwin, and produced needlework’s, felt dolls, caricatures and Teddy Bears. These were mostly designed by his daughter Dorothy Harwin. The company was closed around 1930.

In 1916, Harwin &; Co designed as part of a series mascots in uniforms of the Allied Forces in the First World War, The ‘Ally’-bears. Among others are a British Officer (see alongside), a sailor, A Red Cross nurse and different soldiers, like a Scot with kilt, bag and gaiter. These bears are very rare found fully clothed.

Harwin & Co had a registered trademark, which wasn’t use on fixed labels. It consists of the letters DOTS in a double circle with the words ‘British Made’.