Hair Bear Bunch Characters

Meet all the characters on Help! … It’s the Hair Bear Bunch!, an American animated television series from the 1970s.

Hair Bear

Hair Bear (voice: Paul Winchell)
The swinging mastermind of the Wonderland Zoo. He’s hip, he’s happening, and doesn’t particularly like getting his hands dirty unless he has to. Hair knows Zoo regulations inside-out and has innumerable talents including disguises and he has a talent for music.
His desire to get rich quick and continue to live in the lap of luxury results in seemingly laid back plans that undoubtedly get over complicated.

Bubi Bear

Bubi Bear (voice: Daws Butler)
Short, cute and totally incomprehensible, Bubi speaks utter gobbledygook. The only people who can understand him are the rest of the Bunch and a bizarre race of aliens!

Square Bear

Square Bear (voice: Bill Calloway)
Strong and with an appetite that knows no bounds, Square has been known to eat solid steal. Square is a bit slow, but he is able to call up the Bunch’s invisible motorcycle in times of emergency, enabling a quick getaway from Peevly and Botch.

Mr. E.P. Peevly

Mr. E.P. Peevly (voice: John Stephenson)
The Head Zoo-Keeper, who’s only desire, is a ship-shape zoo. As he tries to get Hair to keep the zoo tidy, his only fear is the Superintendent.
He’s all too aware that The Hair Bear Bunch is busy scheming, yet is always one step behind. Every time, he just about manages to foil their plans, but is left cursing: ‘I’ll get you for this Hair… one day I’ll get you for this!’


Botch (voice: Joe E. Ross)
Peevly’s bumbling assistant has only one desire in life: a promotion, and for this, he’ll do almost anything for the tyrannical Peevly.
Botch is somewhat slow, and no match for the quick thinking Bears. Peevly always refers to him as a bumblehead, knucklehead and lunkhead.

Other characters

Peevly’s boss is the strict Zoo Superintendent. He alone has the authority to punish Peevly’s incompetence. As befitting a city zoo, Wonderland is full with exotic and charismatic animals, these include beavers, a hyena, pelican, fox, giraffe, and many more species. A few play small roles in the series too:
– Bananas: a gorilla with a banana obsession
– Bumbo: the elephant
– Fur Face: a lion with a fondness for collar and tie
– Hippy and Hercules: hippos
– Melvyn The Monkey
– Rare Bear: the Hair Bear Bunch’s temporary hillbilly room-mate
– Tip Toes: an ostrich