Gummi Bears Villains

Duke Sigmund Igthorn

Duke Sigmund Igthorn is the biggest villain in the series. A former knight of Dunwyn, but exiled after treason against King Gregor. He then stayed in Castle Drekmore and formed an army of Ogres. He always tries to conquer Dunwyn and the secrets of the Gummi bears. But his plans have short-lived success, as the Gummi bears come out victorious every time.

Lady Bane

The evil witch of the series. She holds a Gummi medallion like Zummi has and is always looking for more strength and power. She is helped by the Ogres and sometimes by Duke Sigmund Igthorn, who is in love with her. This is not mutual, Lady Bane finds him rather annoying.

the Ogres

The Ogres are the troops of Duke Sigmund Igthorn: big, strong but very stupid. The best known Ogres are Toadwart, the right hand of Duke Sigmund Igthorn and Gad and Zook, the bodyguards of Duke Sigmund Igthorn.

the Trolls

A group of small, green thieves, who do everything to get richer at the expense of other people.