Fozzie Bear Family Tree

Mr. Bear, Fozzie’s father

Mr. Beer is a friendly, middle aged bear, who always wears vests and ties. He is married to Emily Bear and has two sons: Fozzie and Freddie. He learns Fozzie many things about life (‘The Wonderful Wagon’ & ‘Fozzie Bear, Star Helper’), but he was not always present at important moments in Fozzie’s life (‘Fozzie’s Last Lap’.)
Mr. Bear appears in many Muppet Kids books.

Mrs. Bear (Emily Bear), Fozzie’s mother

Mrs. Bear is a younger Emily Bear, and a working mother, who appears in the Muppet Kids books. In ‘Fozzie Bear, Star Helper’, Fozzie notices that his mother is a little cranky since she started working again after the birth of her second child, Freddie. Mrs Bear serves Fozzie a plate of carrots and celery in ‘Fozzie’s Last Lap.’

Mrs. Bear has a great influence on Fozzie, even though she doesn’t appear much in the books. She taught her son to always wash his hands after using the bathroom. In ‘The Muppets Stocking Stuffer Smorgasbord’, Fozzie says that the Christmas sweater he is wearing was knitted by his mother.

She calls herself ‘Emily’ in the latest issue of ‘The Muppet Show Comic Book: Family Reunion.’ Fozzie calls his mother usually ma or mom, while others call her Mrs. Bear or Ms. Bear.

Emily Bear makes her debut in episode 216 of ‘The Muppet Show,’ where she sits in the audience in the Muppet Theatre. Although Fozzie tries hard that night, he sees that his mother has fallen asleep in the audience. She also appears in episode 410 ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’, and she is mentioned in episode 503, standing off-stage during Fozzie’s comedy act.

Freddie Bear, Fozzie’s younger brother

Freddie is the younger brother of Fozzie in ‘The Muppets Kids.’ Freddie first appeared in the book ‘Mom’s Having a Baby.’ Later he appears as a mischievous toddler in ‘Fozzie Bear, Star Helper.’

Fozzie’s grandfather, grandpa

Fozzie’s grandfather appears in ‘Muppet Kids.’ Fozzie loves spending time with his grandfather and they both love baseball.

Fozzie’s uncle

Fozzie’s uncle is, simply, the uncle to Fozzie Bear. In ‘The Muppet Movie,’ he has left Fozzie his Studebaker. He hasn’t died, he is just hibernating.

Fozzie’s cousin

Fozzie’s cousin looks almost exactly like Fozzie Bear. He wears a bowler at all instead of Fozzie’s trademark pork pie hat. The only appearance of Fozzie’s cousin, is in episode 122 of ‘The Muppet Show,’ where he is a fan in the audience.

Kermit the Frog – twin brother

In ‘The Great Muppet Caper,’ Kermit travels as a reporter to England, together with Fozzie Bear and Gonzo, to investigate a jewel robbery. In this film, Kermit and Fozzie portrayed themselves as identical twin brothers.

In 2011, Fozzie Bear appeared on radio program ‘The SiriusXM Hits 1 Morning Mash Up’ prior to the release of the new Muppets movie. He disclosed details about his genealogy.

Uncle Fred

Fozzie’s Uncle Fred is known for chopping down a banana tree.

A. Bearham Lincoln, unknown ancestor

Fozzie believes his relative, A. Bearham Lincoln, was President of the United States during the Civil War.