Famous Bears Index

This is our index of famous bears. There are a lot of famous bears, so if it’s a bear and he’s famous, he’s on this page. If you know any bears that should be here, please contact us!

A – B

Aloysius – Brideshead Revisited
Baloo – the Jungle Book & Spintale bear
Bamse – a Swedish cartoon character
Banjo – Banjo & Kazooie
Barbara Bear – Miffy
Bark the Polar Bear – from the game ‘Sonic the Fighters’
Barnaby the Bear – Colargol
Barnacles – Captain Barnacles from the Octonauts
Barney Bear – the MGM cartoon bear
Basil the Bear – character from ‘Sesame Park’
Bear – best friend of Franklin
Bear – Molly and the Bear
Bear (in the Big Blue House)
Bear (Masha and the Bear)
Bearboat – a Dutch TV-series
the Bear Family – Papa, Mama, Baby & Curly from Sesame Street
Bentley Bear – character in the game ‘Crystal Castles’
Berenstain Bears
Biffo the Bear – from the Beano magazine
Blubber Bear – together with Luke in Wacky Races
Bobby Bear – cartoon in the ‘Daily Herald’
Bobo – the teddy bear of Mr. Burns in the Simpsons
Boggy – Banjo & Kazooie
Boinard Bear – from ‘Monkey and the Bear)’
Bolke the Bear – by writer A.D. Hildebrand
Bongo the Wonder Bear
Boo Boo – best friend of Yogi Bear
Boris Bear – Miffy
Br’er Bear – from the film ‘Song of the South’
Brother Bear – the Disney movie from 2003
Buddy Bears – from ‘Garfield & Friends’
Bumsi – sports mascot
Buttons & friend Rusty in Chucklewood Critter


C-Bear – from C-Bear & Jamal
Care Bears – Their motto is “Caring is what counts”.
Chief Theodore Grizzly – Hoodwinked!
Cindy Bear – Yogi Bear
Colargol – a French TV bear
Corduroy – Corduroy and Lisa are best friends
Cornelius Bear – from the web comic ‘Achewood’

D – F – G

the Dancing Bear – from ‘Captain Kangeroo’
Disco Bear – ‘Happy Tree Friends’
Droes the Bear – from Dutch TV-series ‘the Fabeltjeskrant’
Duffy – the Disney Bear
Dummi Bears – ‘the Rugrats’
Flippy – ‘Happy Tree Friends’
Forever Friends – by Deborah Jones
Fozzie Bear – comedian from the Muppet Show
Goldilocks & the Three Bears
Gummibär – dance number from 2006
Gummi Bears – the bears with magical powers

H – J – K

Hair Bear Bunch – Help! It’s the Hair Bear Bunch!
Hillbilly Bears – a hillbilly bear family
Humphrey the Bear – the silly Disney bear
Jasper the Bear – cartoon bear created by James Simpkens
Jeremy the Bear – a French TV bear
Kenai – from the Disney film ‘Brother Bear’
Koda – from the Disney film ‘Brother Bear’
Kroesje Bear – friend of Flipje
Kukalaka – Dr. Julian Bashir’s bear in Deep Space Nine

L -M – N – O

Lars, the Little Polar Bear
Little Brown Bears – stories in “Little Dots” and the “Annual Playways”
Little John – friend of Robin Hood
Lotso – Toy Story 3
Ludovic – TV-series with a bear family
LuluBelle – Bongo the Wonder Bear
Lumpjaw – Bongo the Wonder Bear
Me To You – Tatty Teddies
Misha – the Olympic bear
Mr. Bear – faithful friend of Stephanie Tanner in the sitcom ‘Full House’
Noah the Polar Bear – cartoon TV-series
Nounours – French TV-series
Ojo – Bear in the Big Blue House
Oliver B. Bumble – Dutch cartoon bear

P – R – S

Paddington Bear – the Purivian bear by Michael Bond
Paw Paws – cartoon from the Hanna-Barbera Studios
Petzi – his real name is Rasmus Klump, and he’s Danish.
Pimboli – close friend of Diddl
Pippeloon – Dutch children book bear
Poby – the polar bear from ‘Pororo, the Little Penguin’
Pooky – in the Jim Davis’ cartoon-series Garfield
Pop & Cub – Happy Tree Friends
Pudsey – the Children in Need bear
Radar – from Big Bird in Sesame Street
Radar’s Teddy Bear – in the TV-series MASH 4077
Rupert – from Stewie in ‘Family Guy’
Rupert Bear – adventurous bear by Mary Tourtel
Sleepy Bear – the official mascot for Travelodge
Smokey Bear – the forrest fire prevention bear
Snuggle – the mascot for it’s fabric softener products
Sooty – an English handpuppet
Superted – not an ordinary teddy bear

T -V – W – Y

Tatty Teddies – Me To You-bears
Teddy – the teddy bear from the TV-show Andy Pandy
Teddy – the teddy bear from Mr. Thurston Howell III
Teddy – the companion of Mr. Bean
Teddy Robinson – children books by Joan Robinson
Teddy Ruxpin – a brave young Illiop
Teddy Trucks – a bear’s transport company
Téodor Orezscu – from ‘Achewood’
Tessie Bear – the kind-hearted friend of Noddy
Thornton – from the comic ‘(Sherman’s Lagoon’
the Three Bears – a bear family from the magazine Beano
the Three Bears a Warner Brothers bear family
the Three Bulgy Bears – ‘Chronicles of Narnia’
Tooty – from the games Banjo & Kazooie
Vincent – from ‘Over the Hedge’
Vladimir Goudenov Grizzlikof – from ‘Darkwing Duck’
Wawa – Chuckie’s beloved teddy bear in Rugrats
Winnie the Pooh – the beloved bear from A.A. Milne
Yogi Bear – the cartoon series from the Hanna-Barbera studios