Cresta Polar Bear

Cresta soft drink was on sale in the 1970 in the UK, it had a mild flavour, unlike other carbonated products and it was frothed. It was advertised with the slogan ‘It’s frothy man’, spoken by a polar bear wearing sunglasses. Cresta was available in five fruity flavours: orange, strawberry, lemon, lime and pineapple.

One of the ads went something like this:
(Bear talking to farm animals)
Do you know what all the bears in the North Pole drink when they are thirsty?
Its the sea, man – the Arctic Ocean!
Now me, I’m really into this frothy Cresta, like this strawberry flavour.
(Cows moo and chickens cluck, etc.)
The day they start making the Arctic Ocean in strawberry, is the only day this young bears going to drink it!
Cresta in five fruity flavours.
It’s frothy, man!

The Cresta bear, a cool polar bear with sunglasses, which is better remembered than the drink he advertised. He was sent into ecstasy every time he tasted Cresta drinks, “It’s frothy man!”. The Cresta bear was created by John Webster, creative director of Boas Massimi Pollitt, an advertising agency in London. Other campaigns were Cadbury’s Smash Martians, Hofmeister bear and the Humphreys.

Cresta poster

Cresta comic

Cresta ad