Chad Valley Teddy Bear Prices

Prices made by Chad Valley teddy bears at international auctions.
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1920 – 1929

Chad Valley large mohair bear on wheels, red embroidered label to inside leg, originally cinnamon mohair, amber and black glass eyes, black horizontally stitched nose, wooden handle to top, mounted on metal frame, felt pads, metal disc wheels with rubber tread.

(99% balding overall, replacement leather ears)

1920s, 19″/48cm

Sold for £ 20 (2010).

1950 – 1959

Chad Valley golden mohair teddy bear, “Rupert”, British, patch to right foot where label has once been, amber and black glass eyes, black vertically stitched coal nose, fully jointed.

1950s, 18″/46cm high.

(remains of rexine pads, areas of balding)

Sold for £ 70 (2010).