Bear Poems and Rhymes

My teddy bear was getting old
I showed him to my dad.
The threads that made his mouth were gone.
My teddy looked so sad.

His round dark eyes were crooked
His button nose hung down.
It made me cry to look at him,
My teddy, soft and brown.

A jagged hole showed stuffing
Poking through a long one side.
And I hugged him oh, so gently,
So it wouldn’t get more wide.

When daddy showed my mommy,
She fixed him up like new.
His button nose was tight now,
His mouth was smiling, too.

His eyes were side by side again
Just like they used to be.
And when I sat and talked to him,
He could look right back at me.

She pushed the stuffing in again
Then sewed the hole with thread.
And when I went to sleep last night,
He was with me in my bed.

You know that someone loves you
By the little things they do.
At times like this, it means much more
Than saying, ‘I love you.’

Teddy lost his coat.
Teddy lost his hat.
Teddy lost his rubber boots.
What do you think of that?

Teddy found his coat.
Teddy found his hat.
Teddy found his rubber boots.
He’d left them on the mat!

Bears like honey that comes from bees.
Bears like to nap under shady trees.
Bears can be cuddly, or big and mean.
My little Teddy Bear is the cutest I’ve seen.
He’s at my side when I’m happy or blue,
Here’s to my Teddy Bear — ‘I love you!’

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Torn and tattered.
You were my friend, When it really mattered.

Bear Garland

My Teddy Bear is a faithful friend
You can pick him up and either end
His fur is the color of breakfast toast
And he’s always there When you need him the most!

If teddy bears ruled the world,
Oh my, what a wonderful place.
Everyone would be happy.
There would be a smile on every face.

We would picnic every Sunday
At our favorite old oak tree.
We would sing and dance and prance about,
Just playing joyfully.

We would all be nice to each other
And always lend a hand.
Ready with a bear hug,
We would always understand.

We would all be happy when something nice
Happened for one of our friends
And our friendships would last forever.
Nothing would cause them to end.

We would be kind to everyone,
Not just those in our own home,
But to everyone throughout our world,
Wherever we may roam.

Yes, if teddy bears ruled the world,
What a wonderful life this would be.
Our hearts would always be happy
As we danced by the old oak tree.

Bear Garland

Hug a Bear
Do you have a moment please
To give this bear just one small squeeze?
Cuz teddy bears need hugs to live
So don’t you have just one to give?

Bear Hugs
If you like I can give you. A big bear hug.
It will make you feel snug. As a bug in a rug.
As soon as a bear hug. Comes your way,
Find yourself a good friend, And give It Away!

Five Little Bears
One little bear. Wondering what to do
Along came another. Then there were two!

Two little bears. Climbing up a tree
Along came another. Then there were three!

Three little bears. Ate an apple core
Along came another. Then there were four!

Four little honey bears. Found honey in a hive
Along came another. Then there were five!

Five Little Bears
Five little bears. Heard a loud roar
One ran away. Then there were four!

Four little bears. Climbing up a tree
One slid down. Then there were three!

Three little bears. Deciding what to do
One fell asleep. Then there were two!

Two little bears. Having lots of fun
One went home. Then there was one!

One little bear. Feeling all alone
Ran to his mother. Then there were none!