Baloo Postage Stamps

Postage stamps from all over the world with Baloo the bear on them. The big, brown bear from Jungle Book en Talespin.

Bhutan: 1982

Disney Jungle Book the Movie. Nine postage stamps with Jungle Book characters like Mowgli, Baloo and Kahn. The values are 1ch, 2ch, 3ch, 4ch, 5ch, 10ch, 30ch, 2nu and 20nu. Baloo is on 5ch and 2nu, both together with Mowgli.

Bhutan: 1982

Disney Jungle Book the Movie. Two souvenir sheets, both 20nu. Mowgli in the stream with Baloo relaxing and Mowgli sitting on Baloos belly surrounded by Jungle Book characters.

Gambia: 1998

Disney Jungle Book. Souvenir sheet featuring movie scene of Mowgli and Baloo. The value of the stamp is D25.

Ghana: 1996

Mickeys Best Friends sheetlet of 9 featuring movie scenes of:
– Pocahontas, Meeko and Flit (c450);
– Pinocchio and Jimmy Cricket (c150);
– Copper and Tod (c200);
– Aladdin and Abu (c600);
– Penny and Rufus (c700);
– Cogsworth and Lumiere (c350);
– Mowgli and Baloo (c800);
– Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian (c200);
– Bambi, Flower and Thumper (c300).

United States of America: 2008

The fifth and final set of the Art of Disney stamps series. This is the most popular series of stamps ever printed with 211.5 million stamps. The final set is entitled The Art of Disney: Imagination. Art director Terrence McCaffrey of Leesburg, VA, joined a design team that included artist Peter Emmerich of Yonkers, NY, and creative director Dave Pacheco of Burbank, CA, to create four stamps featuring:
– Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie;
– Princess Aurora and her fairy aunts: Flora, Fauna and Merryweather;
– Pongo and one of the Dalmatian puppies;
– Mowgli and Baloo from the Jungle Book.
The stamps sell for $.42 a piece.