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teddy bears of unknown origin

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early 1900's
Blond plush Teddy Bear, replaced glass eyes, hump to the back, 11"/28cm.
$ 600 (1998)

ca. 1920
Mohair, black stitched snout, large ears, kapok and excelsior filling, eyes missing, 24"/61cm.
£ 345 (1999)

ca. 1929
A yellow mohair yes-no bear, black boot button eyes, card disc joints15"/39cm.
£ 500 (1999)

ca. 1930
Mohair Teddy Bear, glass eyes, swivel jointed body, 26"/66cm.
£ 175 (1999)

ca. 1930
Gold mohair,amber glass eyes, excelsior filling, in blue sailor rompersuit, 30"/72cm.
£ 172 (1999)

Beige plush, glass eyes, hump back, growler, excelsior filling, 27"/69cm.
£ 125 (1999)

Mohair Teddy Bear, amber glass eyes, large ears set on side of head,  swivvel jointed body excelsior filling, 22"/56cm.
£ 350 (1999)

ca. 1950
Blond mohair, large triangular shaped head, plastic eyes, excelsior filling, 23"/59cm.
£ 200 (1999)

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