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United States of America


Ideal was the first company to make teddy bears in the United States. Ideal bears are characterised by their triangular shaped heads, and they have been producing the same style of bear for several decades. Other well-known American companies include Knickerbocker, Applause, Gund and the North American Bear Co, famous for their unusual character bears of famous people.


companycityyearsfirst teddy bear
Aetna Toy Animal Co.New York NY1906 - 19191906
Bruin Manufacturing Co.-1907 - ?1907
Character Novelty Co.Norwalk CT1932 - 19831946
Columbia Teddy Bears ManufacturersNew York NY1907 - ?1907
Ideal Novelty & Toy Co.New York NY1902 - 19841903
KnickerbockerAlbany NY1850 - 19801925
Stuffed Toy Co.---
Strauss Manufacturing Co. Inc.New York, NY1907 - ?1907

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