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M. Pintel Fils & Cie

Pintel, 1920This Paris based company, produced toy-animals, caricatures and dolls. In the early twenties they began to make Teddy Bears. Pintel also made mechanical bears, among which a dressed bear on a wind-up tricycle. In the sixties it went downhill with the company and later they closed down.

Pintel trademarkThe logo on the trademark button, were two bears hug each other, is a copy of an illustration from the Steiff-catalogues from before the 1e World War. The bears from Pintel always got a button on their chest as trademark, with the two bears and the letters 'PF'.

Pintel trademarkThe typical Pintel-nose: vertical stitched with black cotton and the two outer stitches which go further down than the others.

M. Pintel Fils & Cie

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