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Dean's Rag Book Prices

Prices made by Dean's Rag Book teddy bears at auctions.
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1920 - 1929

Dean's Rag Book StanleyDeans Rag Book 'Stanley' golden mohair teddy bear, replacement amber and black glass eyes, vertically stitched black nose, shaven muzzle, hump to back, fully jointed, replacement felt pads.

1920s/30s, 21"/54cm

Sold for 50 (2010)

1930 - 1949

Dean's Rag Book teddy bearA Dean's Rag Book teddy bear with beige mohair, pronounced muzzle, clear and black glass eyes, black stitched nose, mouth, webbed hand paws and claws, swivel head, jointed limbs with velvet pads and green and white label on foot.

late 1930s, 25"/65cm high.

(ears need repositioning, some wear and holes to pads, right shoulder needs restuffing and seam crudely repaired)

Sold for 470 (2001).

Dean's Rag Book teddy bear cubA Dean's Rag Book Co. Teddy Bear Cub with dark golden mohair, orange and black glass eyes, pronounced clipped muzzle, black stitched nose, mouth and claws, swivel head, jointed limbs with felt pads and slight hump.

1930-40s, 17"/44cm high.

(bald patch on front and smaller ones on arms and feet, general wear, thinning and fading and small holes in feet pads)

Sold for 228 (2007).

2000 - 2010

Gregory teddy bearDeans Rag Book Centenary Year Gregory Teddy Bear, LE 150, black mohair, celebrating 100 Years of Deans Rag Book (1903-2003), complete with chest medallion, swing label & certificate.

2003, 24"/61cm high.

Sold for 60 (2010)

Blossom teddy bearDeans Rag Book Centenary Year Blossom Teddy Bear, LE 90, Special Edition for QVC, celebrating a 100 Years of the Deans Rag Book Co (1903-2003), complete with chest medallion and swing label certificate

2003, 22"/56cm high.

Sold for 35 (2010).

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