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Gebrüder Bing

Examples of teddy bears made by the German teddy bear company Gebrüder Bing.


Gebrüder Bing Gebrüder Bing

left: ±1911, height 21"/53cm
He has big, round ears, who are far apart and near the back and sides of the head. He is filled with wood-wool and has a metal arrow under his right arm. His feet are big, with small, stretched soles.

right: ±1910, height 13½"/34cm
Has an orange button on his left side.


Gebrüder Bing Gebrüder Bing

left: ±1911, height 27"/68cm
An early bear with a long snout.

right: ±1910, height 16"/40cm
Has a silver button underneath his left arm.

Gebrüder Bing