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Gebrüder Bing

Gebrüder BingIn 1863 the company is founded by the brothers Ignaz en Adolf Bing in Nuremberg, Germany for selling toys and kitchen gear: Gebrüder Bing. In the first few years they only made metal kitchen gear but in the late 19th century they also began to make enamel- and wind-up toys. They soon were well known for their wind-up toys of good quality.

Gebrüder BingIn 1905 the Gebrüder Bing began to make soft toys as well. The first Bing-bears were based on the Steiff-pattern. They were only different in detail, but after a lawsuit in 1909 they began making their own 'style' of Teddy Bears. Soon after Bing began to make Teddy Bears with wind-up mechanisms, which had the turning-key on the front or on the side.

The company went bankrupt in 1932 and the trustee sold all the departments separately.

Characteristics of the Bing-bears from before the 1st World War are: Rough mohair plush, with long lines, like the pointed snout en the broad, smiling mouth. On some early Bing-bears, the ones with the silver button with the GBN-logo, the ears and the head are cut in one piece. The ears were shaped by rolling the edges of the folds inside and stitched.


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Gebrüder Bing