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Teddy bears

Who made the first Teddy Bear?
Find out who exactly made the first Teddy Bear.

Who made up the name Teddy Bear?
Someone had to think of a name, find out who made up the name Teddy Bear.

How to make your own Teddy Bear.
The anatomy of a teddy bear.

teddy bear teddy bear teddy bear

Various information

Teddy bear prices

What is my old Teddy Bear worth?
Old Teddy Bears can be worth a lot of money. You can find the value of your bear, looking at prices made by selling similar teddy bears at international auction houses.

It was made by:

Chad Valley Chiltern Crämer Dean's Rag Book
Gebrüder Bing J.K. Farnell Hermann Merrythought
Pedigree Schuco Steiff Strunz

Or it was probably made in: America, England, Germany.
Or is the original totally unknown.

teddy bear teddy bear teddy bear

Teddy Bear manufacturers

There are lots of manufacturers, with lots of different kinds of Teddy Bears. Below, you'll find just a selection of the most well known manufacturers.

Aetna To Animal Co. Gebrüder Bing Bruin Manufacturing Co.
Chad Valley Co. Ltd. Character Novelty Co. Chiltern
Columbia Teddy Bear Mfrs. Crämer Dean's Rag Book
Ealontoys F.A.D.A.P. J.K. Farnell
Gund Harwin & Co. Ideal Novelty & Toy Co.
Jakas Soft Toys Joy-Toys Knickerbocker
Merrythought Peacock & Co. Ltd. Pedigree Soft Toys Ltd.
M. Pintel Fils & Cie. Schuco Schreyer & Co.
Steiff H.G. Stone & Co. Strauss Manufacturing Co
Stuffed Toy Co. Gebrüder Süssenguth Verna Toys
William J. Terry

All the companies are also listed by country.

teddy bear teddy bear teddy bear

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