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Did you know that...

Donald CampbellMarch 23th, 1921 is the day of birth of Donald Campbell. Accompanied by his teddy mascot Mr. Whoppit, he set the speed record on land and water.

The birthday of Elvis Presley is January 8th 1935. He's the famous American singer who was buried with teddy bears when he sang the song 'Teddy Bear' from the movie 'Loving You' (1957).

In the 1950's companies started to fill teddy bears with foam rubber instead of excelsior, which was a big improvement for the cuddliness.

In 1920, Rupert Bear appears in the British newspaper Daily Express for the first time. It was illustrated by Mary Tourtel.

'Libearty' the campaign against cruelty against bears was lanced in 1992, by the World Society for the Protection of Animals

BalooDecember 30th 1965 is the birthday of Rudyard Kipling, the author of the popular Jungle Book, in which the big, brown bear Baloo is one of the main characters.

In 1965 Italian mountaineer Walter Bonatti climbed the treacherous north side of the Matterhorn with his little companion Zissi the Bear.

Super Ted, created by Mike Young, appears for the first time in print in 1978.

During the exhibition in Leipzig Germany in 1903, a big department store places the first big bear order of 3.000 teddy bears.

The birthday of Smokey Bear is March 31st 1950. He is the mascot of the U.S. Forest Service.

Shirley TempleApril 23th 1928 is the birthday of Shirley Temple, She had one of the biggest collections of bears in the 1930's, because thousands of people sent her teddy bears, some even bigger than The child star herself.

The birthday of Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt is October 27th 1858. He's the man who inspired the name 'Teddy Bear'.

It's said that a big Hamley's teddy bear was used to test the first prototype of a parachute.

In 1912 Gatti, a Gebrüder Bing bear form 1907, survives the tragic Titanic disaster.

April 2nd 1869 is the birthday of Clifford K. Berryman, the political cartoonist from The U.S.A., famous for his cartoon "Drawing the line in Mississippi', which inspired to the name Teddy Bear.

baby bearA bear has to be clean, but mustn't wash the teddy bear of a small child too much, because the scent of the baby and the mother is important for the cuddliness.

Alfonzo, a red plush teddy bear, was given by the grand duke of Russia to his daughter princess Xenia. It was auctioned by Christie's in 1989 and made £ 12.100.

In 1905 'Knopf in Ohr' was patented as the official trademark of the German Steiff company, to prevent forgery.

Wendy Boston Playsafe Toys cause a stir in the bear world in 1954, when the produced the first nylon, machine washable teddy bear.

On the occasion of the crowing of Elizabeth II, the English company Merrythought made a 'royal bear' in the native colours red, white and blue.

ChocoIn the Walt Disney studio in 1964, Choco, a small bear with a wounded arm, was designed. He became the mascot for the children's hospital in Orange County in Disneyland.

July 24th 1847 is the birthday of Margarete Steiff, the founder of the most famous teddy bear company in the world.

The placement of the eyes is very important to determent his personality. High and close together is typical for an old bear, while low and width apart marks a young bear.

January 8th 1882 is the birthday of A.A. Milne, who wrote the most famous bear books in the world: Winnie the Pooh.

In 1926 the first book with Winnie the Pooh was publicised.

Steiff ClubThe Steiff Club was officially founded in April 1992, to yearly service the thousands of members with information, magazines and teddy bears in limited editions.

In 1958 Paddington appeared in print for the first time. The name Paddington is from a London train station with the same name. It's the station where the writer found the lonely teddy bear.

Bags with lavender, moth-balls and shavings of cedar wood prevent moths eating the fur of your bear.

According to an old European tradition the bear awakens from his hibernation on the day before Ash Wednesday. When he returns to his cave, there are 40 more wintry days. But when he stays awake, springs is coming.

July 1st 1903 is the birthday of Amy Johnson, a female pilot who, together with her teddy bear mascot, was the first female to fly from Great Britain to Australia.