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Bärenfang is a German liqueur made with honey, spices and alcohol (usually vodka) with a percentage between 20% and 45%. Outside Germany, the liqueur is known as Bärenjäger (bear hunter) instead of Bärenfang (bear trap).

Bärenfang Bärenfang Bärenjäger Bären Met

Bärenfang is a liqueur produced since the 15th century in many East Prussian households. The basic recipe and many versions of it are freely available, making the liqueur even now widely homemade. The first commercial manufacturer of Bärenfang was Teucke & Koenig in Königsberg, now Kaliningrad, Russia. Koenig & Teucke used a hunter and a bear on the label, and is on sale in many countries, hence outside Germany the brand name Bärenjäger is used for the liqueur.