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Commercial bears

Bears are popular, sweet and cuddly. Therefore they are often used by advertisers to advertise different products.

Beer Bears

beer  bearsThere are a couple of compagnies that use or have used bears to advertise beers:
- The polar bear mascot for Les Brasseurs du Nord's Boreale beer.
- Hamm's Beer bear and its wife, Harley bear.
- George, the bear in the British Hofmeister Beer commercials.
- The Labatt's Blue bear.
- Schlitz Beer skating bear.

Cereal Bears

Cereal Bears, a great way to advertise your cereal. Lots of bears were used, on this page you'll find all the Cereal Bears.

cereal boxes

Food Bears

Bears that advertised for food are Paddington Bear and those delicious Gummi Bears.

Paddington Bear Gummi Bears

Liquor bears

Bärenfang is a German liqueur.


Non-food bears

Some of those non-food bears are the Charmin Bear and Cookie Bear.

Charmin ad Cookie Bear

Peppy the Polar Bear

Peppy the Polar Bear fronts the TV commercials for Fox's Glacier Mints.

Peppy the Polar Bear

Sleepy Bear

Sleepy Bear is the mascot for Travelodge Hotels.

Sleepy Bear




Snuggle, the soft teddy bear who is a mascot for Unilever detergents and fabric-softeners.

Soft drinks bears

In 1993, Coca-Cola introduced their Coca-Cola Polar Bears, but there are many more soft drinks bears in ads

soft drink bears

Sports mascots

Bears are popular, sweet and cuddly. Therefore they are often used by sports clubs to entertain the crowds and help sell merchandise. We made a list with sports mascottes.

sports mascots