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Cherished Teddies

The Cherished Teddies Collection began in 1992 and since then designer Priscilla Hillman created many Teddies. All Cherished Teddies start as a drawing by her. When Priscilla has drawn everything in great detail, the drawings go to the sculptures. They make a 3-dimensional clay model of the original drawings and specifications. This master is baked after which it's poured with silicone to make a mould. The mould is also baked and kept save, because with this mould all the figurines are moulded.

In the mould a polyserine material is poured en dried at room temperature, out of which a white figurine emerges. This figurine is hand painted, which makes every Cherished Teddy different and special.

Every Cherished Teddy has his own personality and lives in Cherished Teddies Town, together with all the other Teddies.

Early Teddies are sought after, but the last years the prices went down. Besides the figurines there are also ornaments and decorations in the collection.


Click here for a small gallery of figurines

Cherished Teddies Cherished Teddies Cherished Teddies

The Story Of Cherished Teddies Town

We go back in time, only 100 years to be exactly. The time was 1892 when Wilson T. Beary decided to fill up his life in a different way. He was tired to live in a busy town and started to search for a better and quiet place for him and his family. After 3 years he found what he was looking for. A beautiful view on the feet of a mountain with a clean and nice brooklet. This was what he searching for and this was the place to start a new teddy town. The dream of Wilson T. Beary came out. In 1895 was Cherished Teddies Town born, and now 100 years later it's the most beautiful town on earth, where everybody is bearly proud. And without Wilson T. Beary there would never be Cherished Teddies Town

Cherished Teddies TownCherished Teddies TownCherished Teddies Town


There's is a large number of Cherished Teddies figurines and every year new additions emerge. But there are also figurines that get retired. Click here to see a list of retirements for the last few years.

Cherished Teddies