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Knitting & crochet patterns

Mr. Bean Teddy

Teddy is Mr. Bean's biggest friend. Being inanimate, he is invaluable as a trusted co-conspirator, easy to beat with chess and in emergency situations, acts as a good dish cloth or paint brush. Now you can make your own Mr. Bean Teddy.

Mr. Bean Teddy

Tiny Teddy

Besides the facial expressions, there is no sewing at all, making it a fun and quick to finish project. Besides being a cute pocket toy, it is also a good size teddy bear for a doll or other toys.

Tiny Teddy

Amigurumi bear

[jovialj] wrote: I modified my bear pattern to get the look of the dancing bears, I free-styled his face, ears, and limbs, it took me 3 hours. You may want to add the fur collar at the second increase, which is at the neck.

amigurumi bear

Yellow, Pink & Sparkly

At 'Yellow, Pink & Sparkly', Janet McMahon has many patterns. We have taking two bear patterns for you to download, but also have a look at her site. Click on the name to download the pdf-file: Arthur Polar Bear & Buttercup Bear.

Arthur Polar Bear Buttercup Bear


'Steel & Stitch' made a crochet pattern for Barnacles and she says: "I hope that Meomi don't mind me sharing it with everyone".

Captain Barnacles

Square-bellied Teddy Bear

'Free Patterns by H' has lots of free patterns, we like the square-bellied teddy bear very much.

squared-bellied teddy bear