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Paper Projects


Want to start in origami? Make these two bear heads.
Click on the bear head you want to fold to get the instructions.

bear head bear head

Paper Garland

paper garland

Make a paper bear garland with this example.
Click the picture for the bear model.

Fozzie & Winnie

Paper craft with from Disney, with Fozzie Bear and Winnie the Pooh.

Fozzie Bear Winnie the Pooh

For more paper craft, go to Disney

Goldilocks & the Three Bears

Make Goldilocks & the Three Bears from paper and glue them to toilet paper rolls. What you needs is: toilet paper roll, paper, printer, glue and scissors. Print out the template of choice. Cut the pieces out and glue them around the toilet paper roll.

Goldilocks Baby Bear Mama Bear Papa Bear


If you want to fold Fluffy, the teddy bear, you can use this tutorial.
Click Fluffy to download the pdf-file.

origami Fluffy

paper projects

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