Minka's Bear Passion

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Dough Figures

Baby bear with balloon

baby bear with balloon

  • For the body, take a handful of dough en roll it into a ball. Then roll it into a thick, oblong shape. Put this on the foil or paper.
  • Roll a handful of dough into a ball for the head. Put it on top of the body and press gently.
  • For the paws, roll some dough between your hands into a sausage of 10cm long and 4cm thick, and cut it a bias. Put one paw straight under the body and the other one pointing to the side, with the cutting edges against the body.
  • make the eras from two pieces of dough as big as a bean and press them on the head with the moulding stick, use a small piece of dough for the snout and an even smaller piece for the nose. Make the eyes with a toothpick.
  • For the bow-tie, roll out a piece of dough until its 5mm thick. Cut a strip of 12cm width and 4cm long, and cut in in shape. Press the knot in the dough with the moulding stick en draw the folds on both sides. Put it in the neck of the bear.
  • Make a balloon from some dough. Roll it into a ball en press it flat somewhat. Attach a small piece of dough as big as a pea en press it flat with the moulding stick. Draw some lines underneath the bow-tie with the moulding stick.
  • Bake the dough for 10 hours, or until its rock hard. Attach the hook on the back of the bear after about 2 hours and press the paperclip into the balloon.
  • Let it cool down. Paint the face, bow-tie and balloon and varnish the figure. Stick goldthread on the back of the balloon and the other end on the paw.