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Dough Figures

dough figures

Making the dough

There are different ways and measurements, to make the dough. The most used one is:
4 part unbleached flour ..... 2 part salt ..... 2 part water
for example
500g unbleached flour ..... 250g salt ..... 250ml water

The grams are depending on the amount of dough you want to make. The big amount of salt indicates that the bread is not for eating. The big amount of salt is for preserving and the hardness of the baking.

Put the flour and the salt together in a bowl and mix it together. After that add the water en knead it into a firm dough. For this you can best use a mixer, but you can also use your hands.
How do you know that the dough is ready? When it sticks to the sides of the bowl (or to your hands) there is too much water in it - keep adding flour until it doesn't stick anymore. When it's crumbly or it tears when you roll it out, it's too dry - put some water in it, 2 spoons at the time until it has the right consistency.
Keep the dough in a plastic bag until you're going to use it. Take out as much as you need, knead it lightly en roll it out between your hands or with the use of a rolling-pin. When you use a rolling-pin make sure to cover your surface slightly with flour.

The baking should be gradual and not too fierce. You should always keep an eye on the dough figures. If the figure is not hard enough, you should keep it in the oven longer. Depending on the thickness of the dough figures, the baking time will be 1 to 3 hours at 100 degrees Celsius. You can also dry the dough at room temperature, only this will take a couple of days. Check the baking by tapping it with a fork. When you hear a stone-like sound, the figure is ready.


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