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Famous Bears - D

Dancing Bear

The Dancing Bear was part of 'Captain Kangeroo', an American TV program from the 1950's. The program aired on television from October 3, 1955 till December 8, 1984. The program was conceived by Bob Keeshan, and he also played the title character. 'Captain Kangaroo' had a loose structure, about life around 'Treasure House'. Captain Kangaroo told stories, received guests and made jokes with the regular characters, both humans and puppets.

Captain Kangaroo Dancing Bear

Duffy the Disney Bear

Duffy the Disney BearDuffy first appeared as 'Duffy the Disney Bear' in 2002 at the opening of the 'Once Upon A Toy'-store in Walt Disney World. Duffy is honey coloured, has brown eyes and the image of Mickey Mouse on his paws and his left hip. Duffy was a gift from Minnie Mouse to Mickey Mouse. One day, Mickey was ready to go sailing for a long time and Minnie made him a teddy bear, so he would never feel lonely. She had made Duffy herself and she put him in a duffel bag to give to Mickey.

Duffy the Disney Bear is a meet-and-greet character in various Disney parks, and he is available as a cuddly toy in the Disney stores. He is also known as "The Bear of Happiness and Luck '. For that reason, the cuddly toy has a bottle around his neck with a message of 'Love, Luck and Happiness'.

Duffy the Bear

Dummi Bears

Dummi BearsPlush-like teddy bears, usually in pastel colours with designs on their chests. These cute bears are the stars of a show which the Rugrats are occasionally forced to watch. Despite its characters being really cute, The Dummi Bears Show is evil. The Dummi Bears theme song is repetitive, consisting of only "Sing a happy happy, happy happy, happy happy song". The cartoon is hypnotic and even has a brain-washing effect. After viewing the show, kids have a blank look in their eyes and mumble "must watch bears".