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Tatty Teddies

Tatty TeddiesTatty Teddies are famous for bringing humour and happiness with their greeting cards. Tatty Ted is a little grey bear with a blue nose. He's chabby, has patches and his seams show. He's drawn by Mike Payne under the alias of Miranda, who started drawing Tatty Teddies in 1987 and they became a big hit straight away.

Tatty TeddiesTatty Teddies are published under the brand name 'Me To You'. The greeting cards are published in many languages in many different countries. Bringing happiness to millions. After the greeting cards became a big hit, plush mohair teddies and other Tatty articles where put on the market.

Mike Payne

Mike PayneMike Payne first was a civil servant, who was a cartoonist in his spare time. In 1987 he was asked to create a bear for a greeting card, by Stephen Haines of Carte Blanche Greeting Ltd. Mike adopted the pen-name Miranda for his work. Miranda is now known all over the world and he draws a whole different range of animal characters: Roger the Frog, Stripe the Dog, Plonka Penguin. But still Tatty Teddies is his biggest success.

Tatty TeddiesTatty Teddies

Tatty Teddies

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