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Tessie Bear

Tessie Bear

Tessie Bear is the kind-hearted friend of Noddy. They, and all the other characters, live in Toyland. Noddy drives people around in his little red and yellow car. He's always making up funny little songs, and nods his head so that the little bell on his hat tinkles. He's always getting into mischief, and has lots of adventures.

Tessie Bear has a dog, Bumpy Dog, because he jumps and knocks everyone over. He's very naughty, but everybody loves him. Other characters living in Toyland are: Big Ears, Officer Plod, Dinah Doll, Mr. Sparks and Sly.

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NoddyBig EarsOfficer Plot

Noddy was written by Enid Blyton (1897-1968). His first adventure in Toyland is from 1949. Enid Blyton wrote it and the images were made by Dutch illustrator Hans Vanderbeek.

Tessie Bear