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Help! It's The Hair Bear Bunch

Episode Guide

The Hair Bear Bunch was first broadcasted in 1971. Sadly, the show was cancelled after one season.

Hair Bear Bunch



Episode 1: Keep Your Keeper
Episode 2: Rare Bear Bungle
Episode 3: Raffle Ruckus
Episode 4: Bridal Boo Boo
Episode 5: No Space Like Home
Episode 6: Love Bug Bungle
Episode 7: I'll Zoo You Later
Episode 8: The Ark Lark

Hair Bear Bunch



Episode 9: Gobs of Gobaloons
Episode 10: Panda Pandamonium
Episode 11: Kling Klong versus The Masked Marvel
Episode 12: The Bear Who Came To Dinner
Episode 13: Close Circuit TV
Episode 14: Unbearably Peevly
Episode 15: Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Episode 16: The Diet Caper

Hair Bear Bunch