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Bolke the Bear

Bolke the BearI'm Bolke the Bear.
First I lived in a circus. But that was no good for me. I had to preform silly tricks every day and do difficult stuff. So I flee. Now I live in the forest. It's very fine there and together with the forest animals I experience a new adventure every day, a very exciting adventure!

Bolke the Bear, by writer A.D. Hildebrand, about a bear who escapes the circus and finds shelter with the animals in the forest in the neighbourhood of Apeldoorn. Bolke had friends like the hare family Buizer, the fox Vlens, the hedgehog Drubbiebuu en the deer Rosientje. Bolke also had a sister, Olke, who they rescued from the circus.

Bolke is a real Dutch bear, famous from TV in the seventies. The original publication of Bolke the Bear is from 1935, written by A.D. Hildebrand and illustrated by A. de Wolf. In the eighties a new series of books was published, after the old Bolke the Bear. Now written by Ton Hasebos and drawn by Fred de Hey.

Theme Song Lyrics

Bolke, Bolke, Bolke de Beer
Daar is ie weer, daar is ie weerBolke the Bear   Bolke the Bear
Bolke, Bolke, Bolke de Beer
Daar is ie weer, daar is ie weer
Er zijn beren in alle maten
en ook beren die praten
Er zijn beren die springen
en ook beren die zingen
Ik ken beren die veel weten
en één die houdt van honing eten
Maar Bolke kan nog veel meer,
met zijn vriendjes in het bos,
avontuurt hij erop los
Iedere keer, telkens weer,
kijk naar Bolke de Beer
Bolke, Bolke, Bolke de Beer
Daar is ie weer, Bolke de Beer

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