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Humans and the Gummi bears

Squire Cavin

Squire CavinCavin is the squire of Sir Tuxford, knight at the court of King Gregor. In the first episode he befriends the Gummi Bears of Gummi Glen, whom he accidentally discovered. He would like to be a knight like Cubbi and is in love with Princess Calla, who also has a crush on him.

Princess Calla

Princess CallaCalla is the daughter of King Gregor, the ruler of Dunwyn. She is adventurous and often drags Cavin into a new adventure. She is a good friend of Sunni.

Knight Gawain

Gawain is the grandfather of Cavin, who originally found the Gummi Medallion and gave it to Cavin. He is very idealistic and often tells stories with a moral. He does not know that Cavin knows the Gummi Bears, but is pleased that the medallion is back in the hands of the Gummi's.


The daughter of King Jean-Claude. First she was a rival of Princess Calla, but became best friends because of the Gummi bears.

Princess Yssen-Moon

A princess from the Far East who has come to Duwnyn to seek the Gummi bears help in overcoming a dragon.


Trina is a blind shepardess who lives in the Dunwyn region and is friends with Tummi. They both love lots of good food. Trina sets traps to deceive and throw Duke Igthorn off the track and to teach Tummi that 'disable doesn't mean un able.'

Doctor Dexter

A pharmacist in whoms medicines Tummi puts Gummiberry. This made the inhabitants of Dunwyn super strong and it attracted the attention of Count Ruwaard.

King Gregor

King GregorKing Gregor is the ruler of Dunwyn. He is a brave king, who protects his people from villains such as Duke Igthorn, with the help of Sir Tuxford and his knights. He does not know of the existence of the Gummi bears and their help in protecting his kingdom.

Sir Tuxford

Sir TuxfordSir Tuxford is the highest ranked knight in King Gregor's Court. He is always in for a fight, but is not as good as he has been. He leads the Knights of Castle Dunwyn and is important in defending the kingdom against Duke Ightorn and his ogres.

Sir Victor Igthorn

The brother of Duke Igthorn and a paladin in Dunwyn. He is ashamed for the betrayal of his brother and wants to correct it all. He is Cavin's idol and his best friend, but does not know that the Gummi bears exist.