Minka's Bear Passion

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Other Gummi Bears


A rough group of Gummi bears driven from their Barbic Woods by humans and took refuge in Ursalia. They only started learning the Gummi knowledge of magic and science. Ursa is the hot-blooded female leader of the group. Gritty is her husband, who has an immense physical strength. Buddy is their child, who is friends with his peers Sunni and Cavin. Grubby is the cook with the ponytail.

Ursa Buddy Gritty
Ursa - Buddy - Gritty

Chummi Gummi

A Gummi bear whose airship was taken down by Duke Sigmund Igthorn when he was looking for Gummi Glen. After a while with the Gummi bears in Gummi Glen, he continued his journey to New Gumbria.


The Gummi's Gummadoon

The residents of the Gummi bear city of Gummadoon, who use magic to make the city and themselves invisible to hostile humans. They appear every 100 years, but only for one day. Key individuals are the counsellors Berrybowum and Wooddale, and the knights Sir Plucky, Sir Blastus and Sir Gumlittle.


Sir Thornberry

An old Gummi bear knight and the last resident of the city Ursalia Gummi Bear. He is a heroic knight, with as good a nose as a bloodhound.

Sir Thornberry