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the Care Bears

Original ten Care Bears

Bedtime Bear symbolBedtime BearBEDTIME BEAR
gender: male
colour: blue
symbol: moon with a hanging star
He's blue with very sleepy eyes and a moon on his tummy. He brings sweet dreams to all the children and makes sure they get enough sleep.

Birthday BearBirthday Bear symbolBIRTHDAY BEAR
gender: male
colour: golden orange
symbol: cupcake
No matter what is going on, Birthday Bears always finds a reason to celebrate. He can't keep his hands off sweets and gift-wrapped parcels, which often gets him into trouble.

Cheer Bear symbolCheer BearCHEER BEAR
gender: female
colour: pink
symbol: rainbow
She's the cheerleader of the bunch. She gets the adrenaline flowing with her spunky attitude and optimistic views on almost anything.

Friend Bear symbolFriend BEarFRIEND BEAR
gender: female
colour: orange
symbol: two flowers
He's the ideal friend. He is sincere and amiable, that makes it hard for anyone not to want him to be their friend.

Funshine Bear symbolFunshine BearFUNSHINE BEAR
gender: female (1980s), male (2004)
colour: yellow
symbol: smiling sun
Funshine Bear has the sun on her tummy and a smile on her face. She's ready for a party anytime or anyplace.

Good Luck BearGood Luck Bear symbolGOOD LUCK BEAR
gender: male
colour: green
symbol: four leaf clover
The Care Bears' mascot, because he has Lady Luck riding with him. Although his luck sometimes wears a little thin or is slow in coming, it never leaves him.

Grumpy Bear sumbolGrumpy BearGRUMPY BEAR
gender: male
colour: blue
symbol: raincloud
Grumpy Bear continually grumbles about anything and everything, especially about always being the one who ends up having to do all the work. But he never lets anyone help him, it's all part of the act. He has a great feel for turning a simple task into something impossibly difficult.

Love-a-lot BearLove-a-lot Bear symbolLOVE-A-LOT
gender: female
colour: pink
symbol: two hearts
She's the eternal romantic of the group. No matter what's going on, Love-a-lot says it's all to romance. She has the power to make people fall in love with each other.

Tenderheart Bear symbolTenderheart BearTENDERHEART BEAR
gender: male
colour: brown
symbol: heart
He's the organizer and unofficial leader of the Care Bears. He has the power to inspire others to follow his lead. He's such a nice guy, that he has to ask for someone's help when his niceness has got him into trouble again.

Wish  BearWish Bear symbolWISH BEAR
gender: female
colour: turquoise
symbol: shooting star
Wish is the somewhat naive dreamer of the group, feeling that things will always be what you wish them to be. She has the power to make things change by just wishing.


Second generation

Baby HugsBaby Hugs symbolBABY HUGS
gender: female
colour: pink
symbol: heart with a star inside
Hugs loves to give everyone a great big hug to make them feel terrific. Hugs and Tugs are brother and sister.

Baby Tugs symbolBaby TugsBABY TUGS
gender: male
colour: blue
symbol: star in a diaper
Tugs looks babyish, but he's big enough to be a genuine 100% Care Bear and watch over someone.

Champ BearChamp Bear symbolCHAMP BEAR
gender: male
colour: golden orange (1980s), blue (2004)
symbol: loving cup
Champ Bear is the athlete of the Care Bears. He teaches the Care Bears how to play all the sports and helps them out when they're in need.

Day Dream Bear symbolDay Dream BearDAY DREAM BEAR
gender: female
colour: peach
symbol: heart with stars
Day Dream Bear has her head in the clouds a little further than the others. She's always dreaming how wonderful the world could be.

Grams BearGrams Bear symbolGRAMS BEAR
gender: female
colour: grey
symbol: flower bouquet
He makes sure that everybody feels the love of a parent's love. Grams Bear takes care of you when you're sick and helps you when you're needing help.

Harmony Bear symbolHarmony BearHARMONY BEAR
gender: female
colour: purple
symbol: two hearts, musical notes (1980s), smiling flower (2004)
The musical bear; an up-beat bee-bopper who is always jiving to the latest beat. She thinks music can soothe the savage bear, but often can't find just the right kind of music to do so.

Laugh-a-lot BearLaugh-a-lot Bear symbolLAUGH-A-LOT BEAR
gender: female
colour: orange
symbol: laughing star
There's always something funny going on wherever Laugh-a-lot Bear is. Her mission is to help people laugh.

Secret Bear symbolSecret BearSECRET BEAR
gender: male
colour: golden brown
symbol: heart shaped lock
Secret Bear is the mime of the group. He prefers to talk with pantomime to get his message across, which often leads to him whispering the message in your ear. He can guard a secret like no one else, mainly because she can never get anything across.

Share BearShare Bear SymbolSHARE BEAR
gender: female
colour: purple
symbol: milkshake with two straws (1980s), two crossed lollypops (2002)
Share Bear loves to share everything. No need to be greedy, if you share with others, they will share with you.

Surprise Bear symbolSurprise BearSURPRISE BEAR
gender: female
colour: light blue
symbol: Jack in the box with a star coming out
With Surprise Bear you never know what happens next. If he thinks of something funny, he will go ahead and do it. Fun is his middle name.

Take Care BearTake Care Bear symbolTAKE CARE BEAR
gender: female
colour: red (1980s), pink (2004)
symbol: apple (1980s), smiling heart (2004)
It's Take Care Bears job to make sure everybody stays well. He's like a Care Bear doctor or nurse.

Trueheart Bear symbolTrueheart BearTRUEHEART BEAR
gender: female
colour: light yellow
symbol: rainbow star with a heart inside
Trueheart Bear is the original Care Bear. She's the mentor of the little Care Bear Cubs, the most caring creature there ever was.


Even more Care Bears

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Amigo Bear Amigo Bear
Bashful Heart Bear Bashful Heart Bear
Best Friend Bear Best Friend Bear
Play-A-Lot Bear Play-A-Lot Bear
Shine Bright Bear Shine Bright Bear
Smart Heart Bear Smart Heart Bear
Sweet Dreams Bear Sweet Dreams Bear
Thanks-A-Lot Bear Thanks-A-Lot Bear

Care Bears