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Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear is from darkest Peru, he was found in a London underground station by the Brown family and was given the name of the station: Paddington. Many characters appear in his stories and they are below.

Aunt Lucy

Aunt Lucy


Paddington's aunt in Peru and his only relative. Lives in a home and sent Paddington to London, because she could not care for him. Paddington always writes her when he had a new adventure.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown

Found Paddington at the Underground Station and took him in. Mr. Henry Brown is an hapless but friendly worker in London. Mrs. Mary Brown is the serious, but very friendly wife of Mr. Brown.

Mr. en Mrs. Brown

Jonathan and Judy

Jonathan and Judy are the children of the Brown family and now brother and sister of Paddington.

Brown family

More characters

  • Mrs. Bird - The strict, but friendly housekeeper of the Brown family. Although she is often annoyed by Paddington, she is very protective of him.
  • Dhr. Gruber - Owns an antique store and is a friend of Paddington's. He's a Hungarian immigrant and regularly takes Paddington and the Brown children on an outing.
  • Dhr. Curry - Is the next door neighbour of the Brown family. Unlike the gentle Mr. Gruber, Mr. Curry is bad tempered, mean and a bit rude.

Mrs. Bird Mr. Gruber Mr. Curry